What are the criteria for effective public speaking?

The speaker presents a topic and a focus that are exceptionally
appropriate for the purpose, time constrains, and audience.
That is, the speaker’s choice of topic is clearly consistent with the
purposes, is totally amenable to the time limitations of the speech, and reflects
unusually insightful audience analysis.
The speaker communicates a thesis/specific purposes that is exceptionally
clear and identifiable.
That is, there is no question that all of the audience members should
understand clearly, within the opening few sentences of the speech, precisely
what the specific purpose/thesis of the speech is.
The speaker used supporting material that is exceptional in quality and
That is, supporting material is unarguably linked to the thesis of the
speech, and further is of such quality that it decidedly enhances the credibility of
the speaker and the clarity of the topic
The speaker uses an exceptional introduction and conclusion and
provides an exceptionally clear and logical progression within and between
That is, the introduction clearly engages a majority of the audience in an
appropriate and creative manner, the body of the speech reflects adequate clarity
in organization, and the conclusion adequately reflects the content of the speech
and leaves a majority of the audience with a clear message or call to action.
The speaker uses language that is exceptionally clear, vivid, and
appropriate and inserts spontaneous comments with ease and confidence.
That is, the speaker chooses language that enhances audience
comprehension and enthusiasm for the speech, while adding a measure of
creativity in adapting ideas to the audience and that displays exceptional
sensitivity by the speaker for denotation and connotation of meaning
The speaker has exceptional pronunciation, grammar, and articulation,
and makes exceptional use of vocal variety in a conversation with forethought
mode of delivery.
That is, the speaker exhibits exceptional flunk, properly formed sounds
which enhance the message, and no pronunciation or grammatical errors. In
addition, the speaker’s vocal delivery is exceptionally and appropriate wellpaced,
easily heard by all audience members, and variety in pitch to enhance the
The speaker demonstrates exception posture, gestures, bodily movement,
facial expressions, eye contact, and use of dress that engage the audience and
show demonstrate confidence, sincerity, and enthusiasm for the topic.
That is, kinesic (posture, gesture, facial expressions, eye contact) and
proxemic (interpersonal distance and spatial arrangement) behaviors and dress
consistently support the verbal message and thereby enhance the speaker’s
commitment to the speech topic and active relationship with the audience.
The speaker uses excellent visual aids that are vivid, clear, and
appropriate to the audience, occasion, and topic.
That is, the visual aids employed complement rather than distract from
the verbal message. The speaker shows excellent control of the environment